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We sell Custom Button Badges! That's a short and sweet sum up of what this site is all about. We supply Australian companies and individuals with quality button badges that have custom branding done however is desired. We stock close to 150 badges on our site with a diverse range made up of quality metal, chipboard and polystyrene badges.

Best Selling Badges...

32mm Full Colour Budget
Round 32mm Full Colour Button Badges can easily be custom branded
from $1.15 to $0.42 ea
100 min qty
60mm Round Chip Badge
60mm Round Chipboard Button Badges are perfect for new product promotions
from $1.66 to $0.53 ea
250 min qty
32mm Single Colour Dlx
32mm Deluxe Single Colour Button Badges are super for outdoor events
from $2.22 to $0.38 ea
100 min qty
38mm Flasher
Round 38mm Button Badges use replaceable batteries for longer lighting performance
from $5.20 to $3.31 ea
100 min qty
38mm Diam Full Colour
38mm Deluxe Diamond Badges are cheap merchandise to customise
from $2.67 to $0.60 ea
100 min qty
55mm Spinner
55mm Spinner Button Badges are great for special promotions
from $3.41 to $0.88 ea
100 min qty
75x75mm Custom Poly
75mm x 75mm Custom Polystyrene Button Badges can promote your next product launch
from $1.44 to $0.90 ea
1000 min qty
75mm Flasher
75mm Blinking Badges will highlight your marketing details with its blinking LED light
from $5.67 to $3.63 ea
100 min qty

Button badges have historically been used for just about any cause or occasion. Whenever we have a message we'd like to get communicated or a conversation we'd like to see happening, we think of button badges. They've always been effective at achieving either purpose and thus we pride ourselves on supplying the best quality button badges at affordable prices.

On this site you'll find more than just your average metal-shell badges. We of course do stock them in both 1 and 2 piece setups, but that's not all we supply! We have badges that  flash or spin or ones made out of chipboard or polystyrene!

No matter what form of button badge it is that you think will suit you best, you can trust us to supply quality badges, with outstanding branding and delivered on time. We've been in the promotional industry for over a decade and have branded thousands upon thousands of badges to date and are always looking for more ways to improve our services and products.

Have a browse or search our site and send us through an enquiry or order once you've found the badge you like!

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